Maindenhead Easter 10

On Good Friday morning was the annual Maidenhead Easter 10K running race. I am the radio operator for the water station who has to pass the runner numbers and general race information to the start / finish area in the Maidenhead Office Park. The water station is on the edge of the White Waltham airfield at 6 miles from the race start, and is run by several families with ties to the Maidenhead Athletic Club who I see each year. This is a fun and very relaxed event to marshal.

The weather was overcast and with a biting wind so it was very chilly. I had on my thick fleece, over coat, and Hi-Viz tabard as well as a hat and gloves to keep me warm. The gloves that I was wearing were my Dads fingerless gloves which allowed me to still operate the radio. Dad will now need new gloves as these were very good.

The race went ahead without a hitch but no sooner than I had been stood down by the race sweeper when the last runner tripped on a pothole, fell over, and banged their head. The sweep radioed for medical assistance which arrived promptly. After an initial assessment of the casualty the course medic decided to phone 999 for a County ambulance to take the runner to hospital. I was instructed to wait with the casualty until the ambulance arrived to allow the sweep to continue. After a few minutes the ambulance arrived and I was stood down for a second time and could go home.

It is good to know that I can help at these events and I enjoy doing so. Parking was easy with flat access and it costs nothing to volunteer.