Paddington 2


The famous bear from Darkest Peru finds himself jailed and trying to prove his innocence in this laugh out loud hilarious family follow-up slapstick comedy.
It was enjoyable on a number of levels including the main theme being based around a travelling steam fair and a thrilling, heart-stopping steam train chase starring none other than Tornado!

The story was of a has-been actor (Hugh Grant) who attempts to get his hands on a rare pop-up book which Paddington also craves to give as a birthday present to his Aunt Lucy back in the jungle. One of them tries to earn the money to get the book fairly by working to earn the money to buy it, and the other one is a dirty low-down thief of many disguises – I will leave it up to you to work out which is which?

Be prepared to cry as well as laugh as Paddington takes you on another exciting journey through your emotions and the English countryside with all of his quirky habits and his take on English life. There are some great characters which are brought to life, such as Knuckles the prison cook who can’t cook, and cameo appearances from Peter Capaldi, Julie Walters, Tom Conti, Joanna Lumley, plus many more.

Go to the cinema to enjoy this lovely film ?