Pangbourne Classic Car Show and the Ballet

Last weekend I was very busy as I had chosen to go to two events over the weekend.

IMG_4303On Saturday, I went to the Pangbourne Classic Car Show. This is where the students from Pangbourne College put on a show of vintage and classic cars originally based upon a project they had to restore a classic vehicle themselves. Classic and vintage car owners from all around Berkshire came along to display their vehicles on a bright and sunny day. There were many more vehicles on display this year, as well as a delicious a barbeque, and a brass band playing, compared to last year. Entrance to this event is free, access is flat, and a flash of the Blue Badge gets you decent parking. It is worth mentioning that the food prices were very reasonable. There are pictures from the event in the galley here .


On Sunday, I went to South Hill Park to watch a performance of Alice in Wonderland performed by the Ballet Theatre UK company. This took place in the Wilde Theatre where I had an excellent seat. The colourful costumes made it quite easy to tell all the different characters apart from one another. The dancers were very expressive as they played their parts. I really enjoyed watching and it was very easy story to follow the story. Parking is good at South Hill Park with flat access. The tickets were £19.