TruckFest 2017

IMG_4223Yesterday I went to TruckFest at Newbury Showground for a new event to be held there for 2017. You may think that it would be boring to see rows and rows of dirty lorries lined up but these were highly polished and exquisitely painted trucks with bright chrome shining in the sunshine. Lined up along the walkways of the showground I was able to walk among these beautiful machines and admire the artwork on the doors and cabs. Some had the cab lifted so that you could see their brightly painted engines.

There were many marquees around the site which were empty and ready to accommodate the crowds in case of rain. Luckily these were not required despite the unfavourable weather forecast. In the central arena, there were displays of stunt driving, car crushing, and heavy vehicle recovery.

I liked the car crushing because this was very loud and it required audience participation to count down before the truck driver would set off. He would drive around the arena for a couple of laps before going to the centre to crush the awaiting cars several times over. To finish he would then coming to rest on top of the crushed vehicles. As part of the commentary they said that they had selected the cars at random from the car park and that the owners could collect them at the end of the show.

IMG_4244There were celebrities wandering around and I was able to grab a photo of Jesse McClure from British Treasure American Gold as well as Lisa and Todd from Ice Road Truckers. When Jesse did a display and tour around the arena he recognised me in the crowd and shouted “Hi, Simon”.

For the demonstration of lorry recovery, they righted a lorry which had previously been tipped over on to its side. This was done using a large recovery vehicle with a big crane on the back and large straps to haul it upright. There was then a parade of all of the different recovery vehicles.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was worth the £17 pounds admission, although I could have saved £3 if I had book my ticket online beforehand. Access was flat and disabled parking was available.