Wokingham Half Marathon 2017

On an almost freezing Sunday morning I set out to marshal the Wokingham Half Marathon with the Berkshire RAYNET group. Before getting out of the van at my checkpoint, and radioing in to the Control at Cantley Park that I was ready, I put on my coat and gloves to make sure that I would be warm enough for the duration of the morning.

As the first few runners went past I radioed in their runner numbers for the public address at the start/finish area. One runner stopped and it soon became clear that he needed a bit more than a sit down and rest for a few minutes. I therefore radioed for assistance from Control and an ambulance soon arrived to take him away.

After a while it began to feel particularly cold but I had brought along some heat packs for this. These are pockets of liquid gel with a metal tag inside. When you snap the tag the liquid crystallizes and the pocket quickly gets warm. Just the thing to slip inside my coat.

After this event there is always a generous buffet in the Wokingham Theatre for the marshals and other associated helpers. As my checkpoint was half way around the course I was able to get to the buffet lunch early and be one of the first in the queue.