American razzmatazz in Ascot

A slice of American razzmatazz arrived in Vegas showbiz style in the form of an all-American circus at Ascot Racecourse, performing in the biggest big top I have ever seen.

They had an energetic dance troupe who came on at the start in feathery swan like outfits to introduce the show with the ringmaster and included a dancing Elvis who gyrated on a platform like a two-tiered wedding cake. Drummers accompanied the dancers.

Then daredevil bikers put themselves under pressure to perform stunts such as a very noisy Globe of Death which sounded like a massive swarm of angry bees attacking each and every one of your senses.

A Strongman act was challenged to bend a bar of steel, which he did after much effort, supported with encouragement from a lively and enthusiastic audience. After a drumroll from the live band, to build anticipation and tension, a monster truck was brought out. The Strongman laid down in its path and was unbelievably runover by it! He raised himself to his feet to a tumultuous reception, though he did look a little “tyred”!

A mime artist then seconded adults from the audience to form a Mariachi Band which was very amusing as the chosen participants allowed their extravert inner selves to shine out in the spotlight.

It was an all-round excellent afternoon’s family entertainment. Tickets were available from £8.00, and access was do-able i.e. it was flat but a bit soft and muddy. I recommend that children don’t try any of the stunts at home.