Charity Pumping Engine and Tractor Rally

After thinking that I would not find anything to do this weekend I was wrong. I looked on the internet and there was a charity tractor and pumping engine rally happening in a small part of the Hampshire countryside.

This small gathering was not well advertised, does not have a website, and was not well signposted, so finding it was a bit of a challenge. However, find it I did.
As I arrived there was the distinct smell of steam oil and the sounds of chugging engines. In the centre of the field there was a large, Heath Robinson looking engine, with oil cans, bottles, and rusty bits hanging from it, which made the ground shake as it chugged around.

IMG_4847Around the edge of the field there were lots of different types of stationary engines to look at. Many of the people that had gathered were keen to explain to me where their engines had come from and how they work. Most of them were happily pumping water and making a very hypnotic rhythmic sound. To make the displays different individual exhibitors had used various items such as yellow plastic ducks bobbing in the water bath.

As well as the stationary engines there was also a fine display of vintage tractors in a bright array of different colours to admire.

I have already said that it was difficult to find but once there, admission was by donation to Macmillan Cancer Support. Parking was in the field and access was flat but soggy in places.

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