Hampshire Sled Dog Racing

Arriving just as dawn was breaking at Buttersteep Rise in Swinley Forest excited dogs could be heard being prepared to tackle a circuit through this part of the Crown Estate. After checking in with the radio control, I was dispatched to my checkpoint.

Over the radio I could hear the numbers of the competitors as they were started and progressed around the course. When they got to me, they flashed past at a rate of one sled every one or two minutes. It was then my job to radio in the numbers of the competitors myself.

We didn’t use the conventional radio language of preceding each interchange with our callsigns as it would have been too slow and with all the checkpoints radioing in the radio channel was congested. Instead we just gave the competitor number and our location.

The weather was a bit showery, but it didn’t seem to bother the dogs who looked like they were having great fun as the ran along.

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