Maidenhead Easter 10

As it is Easter once again I helped with the running of the annual Maidenhead Easter 10 road running race. I arrived at my checkpoint location nice and early and shortly afterwards the usual enthusiastic band of marshals arrived to setup the water station. There is quite a friendly atmosphere and some of the marshals just randomly turn up because they have been in previous years.

There had been lots of rain in the few days before and the track leading from the White Waltham airfield to the road where we all park was very muddy and flooded. It was also bitterly cold with a biting wind. The general topic of conversation was therefore the weather and how many layers of clothing we were each wearing. My trusty thermals made a brave attempt at keeping me warm, but another layer would have been nice.

Due to heavy traffic around the start/finish area the start of the race was delayed by 15 minutes. This seemed a very long time to wait while sitting in the cold. Once the race started the radio traffic picked up and with quite a fast pace the first runners arrived soon afterwards. This is where I come in by radioing the runner numbers of the first few back to the control centre and P.A.

The race ran according to plan with no incidents, so it finished quickly, and I was able to get back home in time for lunch and to warm up. A lovely morning outside in the fresh air, albeit a bit cold, and a bit of radio play. Great!