Mapledurham at War

IMG_4926_1024IMG_4947_1024Imagine yourself in a 1940’s German occupied village in England where the invading German troops encounter British and American forces. Camped in the fields around Mapledurham were the opposing soldiers in authentic period costume who were enacting realistic scenes depicting camp life and skirmishes between opposing forces.
The entrances to the site were guarded by sentries in pill boxes who were stopping and questioning the public before letting them proceed. We parked by the river before making our way in, and to where all the action was going to take place.

Some of the action included random gunfire by machine gunners who were dug in at various points around the site. Later they performed two battles on a grander scale where they used lots of pyrotechnics, which meant lots of loud bangs and flashes, which resulted in me nearly jumping out of my chair on a few occasions. Especially when they fired a round from a British tank against some Germans in the final battle of the day.

IMG_4919_1024In keeping with history, the British troops won, of course, and they were not afraid to celebrate it, a bit like England winning their first match in the World Cup last night. Click the images to see some more pictures in the gallery.

Admission was £15. Access is OK to most of the site and to precis their website “There are footpaths to the site but some of the grass may be a bit uneven in places and affected by weather. The Mill would have restricted access”.