On the Trolleybuses

After studying the basic history of transport in Reading as part of a group at my day centre, I decided to do a brief project to present to the group on the Trams and Trolleybusses of Reading. Fortunately, there are events this year to mark the end of the trolleybus in Reading in 1968.

I therefore went to Reading Museum where they have a special exhibition in a large display cabinet of uniforms, pictures, and other items or interest, such as tickets, associated with the Reading trolleybus. Unfortunately, the few remaining preserved examples of Reading trolleybuses are at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft, Doncaster, which is rather a long way away.

Reading was a pioneer in the use of trams and trolleybusses from the early 20th century and remnants of the system can be seen around the town if you know where to look.

Entrance to the museum was free and access throughout the museum is flat with lifts to all floors. As part of this exhibition I was able to get a free copy of the special anniversary book produced by the British Trolleybus Society.