Oyez, oyez, oyez!

IMG_5144_1024This morning 40 hand bells could be heard along Windsor High Street in a procession of Town Criers coming from different towns from around the country, plus 2 Aussies. They had come together to compete in the Honourable Guild of Town Criers Championship, which was being held on the green outside Windsor Castle.

Chris Brown, the Windsor and Maidenhead Town Crier, who has previously won many competitions, was given the job of announcer for the event. This meant that he could not compete this year.

In their full regalia each Town Cryer took their turn on a small platform to cry out an announcement of at least 150 words, starting with “Oyez, oyez, oyez!” and finishing with “God save the Queen!”. Within the rest they had to perform a speech about their own towns to a panel of judges who would then assess them on Diction, Inflexion, and Volume.

IMG_5148_1024Once they had all taken their turn they went back to the Guild Hall for lunch before starting another round in the afternoon. On this occasion they were required to perform a cry on the theme of a celebration of their own choice.

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As the event was outside the castle there was no admission to pay. Access was awkward as the best place to view was also where there was a long queue of tourists waiting to get into the castle. I also had to keep explaining what was going on as each group passed along.

The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers