Brooklands Mini Day

Hundreds of mini owners were invited to take part in an annual gathering of like-minded auto-enthusiasts at the Brooklands Mini Day 2019.

This year saw 50 years of the mini which meant the event became a celebration and had a festive atmosphere with some mini owners taking the challenge of the test hill to the great excitement of the busy crowd.

We met a family whilst watching the daring driving who had previously driven their mini up the test hill and explained how scary it can be and what technique you need to control that kind of car.

Some of these cars that drove up the hill did not have very much success as one stalled and ran back down again.  Then there was another mini that took the unfortunate trip the wrong way – down the hill!

Various different styles of mini had turned up to show off various styles of paint job, and customisation of either the interior or the engine.  We met a family from Southend with a turquoise convertible mini with the name BON 889 on the numberplate.  Perhaps the lady owner was called Bonnie – but only guessing!

We saw one car that was not like a mini at all!  We wondered what it was.  So we got chatting to the owner and he told us it was a SCAMP and showed us some pictures of it in action.  This is an amphibious kit car made from scratch with a mini engine.  The kit was supplied by the Connaught Garage near Brookwood, Surrey.

There was a mini whose owners had brought it all the way from Belgium to take part in the festival.

Overall it was a miniature day of fun!