Basingstoke Model Railway Exhibition

Yet again this weekend I find myself at another model railway exhibition but each one is individual to the club organising the show. This time it was the turn of the Basingstoke and North Hants. Model Railway Society. This club entered the team “The Basingstoke Bodgers” for the Channel 5 program The Great Model Railway Challenge where they made it to the final.

At the show there were two of their layouts from the TV series. On one of their layouts they didn’t get time to finish so it was shown like that. The bridge which gave them the trouble was a depiction on Brunel’s Royal Albert Bridge which spans the River Tamar in England between Plymouth, Devon and Saltash, Cornwall. It is totally “scratch built” except for the plate girder sides. This means that it has been built using plastic, card, and other modelling materials rather than from a kit.

Other clubs had been invited to exhibit, and they were demonstrating layouts from their local areas, or imagined “what if”.

A big layout of London had trains running on the top of the board as well as a cutaway section below board level where there were periodic London Underground trains. This was set in the early 20th Century and had a Zeppelin suspended above it and trams running on the streets.

While admiring the models I met and chatted to some fellow modellers from the Isle of Wight who has come especially for the exhibition and were admiring the same layouts as myself.

From one stand I was tempted by an OO scale fire engine to place on my layout at home from Kytes Lights. This company specialises in adapting existing models by adding appropriate coloured flashing LED lights. Ist amazing how adding four micro LEDs to a model can bring it to life.