Marlow, Maidenhead and District Model Railway Exhibition 2019

The first Saturday of the new year was the Marlow, Maidenhead and District Model Railway Exhibition. This is held in the Cox Green Community Centre and does not overfill the available space so the access is excellent. This is always a very friendly exhibition with the operators keen to talk to the public, and there are lots of families in attendance.

All but one layout was at eye level for children and people in wheelchairs. This meant that there was no problem seeing the layouts and the inevitable crush when they are at high-level to see anything was not present.

There was a layout depicting a German town as well as a layout of a sleepy English country village with thatched cottages. One of the other layouts was completely shrouded in a black sheet and took most peoples fascination. Here lights from the fires of steam engines, carriages were lit up, and the station area had small street lights to depict a busy night time town station scene with trains coming and going all the time.

Also, I found one of my missing DVDs from the British Steam Railways magazine collection which I am slowly collecting from one of the trader stalls.