Reading Brick Show

Imagine yourself in a land where you can just let your imagination run wild with thoughts of being able to build anything you could wish for out of Lego bricks. Well, on Saturday, you would have been in your element at the Rivermead Leisure Centre where Lego builders were showcasing their construction skills to the public along with panels of Lego art.

In one hall, they had a totally mechanised Marble Run with marbles running the length of the hall using lifts, slides, and pushers. There was a miniature Houses of Parliament, a Lego Robot Wars tournament and a working Lego Railway running throughout the day. The railway and station were based on Manchester “Brickadilly”.

Most of the Lego art panels were of famous actors or film characters from popular films such as Star Wars.

There was a scale model of a Space Shuttle on a launch pad with the large rocket and side boosters. A Roman Colosseum stadium with miniature horses with chariots lined up for a Ben Hur chariot race.

There was ample to see and keep me occupied. For lunch I had a chicken burger with chips in the leisure centre café.