WADE Grand National Day

The Grand National is a worldwide famous British horse race run at Aintree. This brings out the gambling in lots of people who would otherwise not have a flutter, to try their luck picking a winner. I went along to the WADE Grand National Day to be with other people to watch this historic race.

In the WADE centre there was a big screen where there was to be both live and recorded horse racing. A bookie was present for the live races and a tote room for the recorded ones. The recorded races were from various race courses from around the country in both flat racing and jump racing. You had to pick a horse (not its real name) and then go to the Tote room to place a bet. When everyone had done this the Tote room closed and the race was shown. For the live races you could go and place a bet on your chosen horse as you would by going into any high street bookmakers.

To start the afternoon, everyone was sat at tables with betting slips and a newspaper to give the Grand National race form. A fish and chip lunch was served followed by trifle. Then the racing began.

One table seemed to be particularly lucky whilst my table consistently did not have any luck at all, and my bag of £1 coins started to be depleted. However, I did have a very close second place on a couple of the races which was very exciting. Then there was a break for afternoon tea and I had a coke and a lovely piece of cake.

For the main event I had been watching the form on TV since Thursday and decided to put my money on three of the possible favourites. From the start everyone was cheering and following their chosen horses. Early on one of mine decided that they had had enough but there were still two to cheer. Wayne’s horses were out early on, so he ripped up his betting slips and threw them into the air, a quick flutter. With two horses left, one started to make a break for the lead and ran for the finish. After losing all afternoon finally I had a winner as Tiger Roll crossed the finish line.

A great afternoon of fun which cost £15 to get in and pay for the lunch and tea. I also took a £20 bag of pound coins to bet with and returned with £21. Not bad.