Watercress Line

Arriving at Alresford Station on the Watercress Line I used my membership to get in. This gives me half price entry to the railway on a standard running day, so it cost me £8 instead of the full price of £16. Today they were running two steam trains and a diesel service.

Once I had paid, I boarded one of the two steam trains that they were running and went one stop to Ropley station where there is the picnic area. This is an ideal place to sit and watch the trains pass through the station.

There are also engine sheds and a small shunting area here. We got chatting to the platform staff who let me into the yard, and after taking a few photos of the trains which were there I got back on the next available train back up the line.

Back in Alresford the café was calling so we stopped to rest and have something for lunch. I can recommend the ham, egg, and chips.

After lunch I wanted to ride behind the diesel that they were running. This was being polished for the afternoon run, so we went up to the cleaners and asked if I could have a look inside. Once they had finished cleaning, they opened the large panel doors on the side of the locomotive so that I could see the engine, this produced a small flood of other interested people who came armed with their cameras eager to get their own pictures. Soon after all that excitement it was time to get on to the now ready diesel to take me on one final return trip before coming home.