Wild About Reading

I went to a talk given by specialist Dr Tara Pirie, of Reading University, at Reading Museum. She has been all over the world photographing wildlife in its natural habitat and was giving a talk on how to take photos using camera traps in your garden.

She showed some previously taken pictures up on a screen to see if we could identify any of the animals within the pictures. She also said about how you can tell what animals are by the footprints or paw prints they leave behind.

She also told us about how to identify animals by their poo, although she advised people not to use this method of identification without some sort of protection, as you break the poo open to see what the animal has been eating.

Then we were shown a humane trapping method with a box with a tube inside and a base with wet paint on and some food to attract the animals. When they enter the box, they walk across the paint leaving footprints in the tube. Then from that you should be able to tell what sort of animal you have managed to catch.