Wokingham Medieval Market Day

Wokingham medieval market day saw lots of people come into the town to celebrate the towns history as a small market town since 1219. This was commemorated with a large varied market in the marketplace and activities for all ages taking place on a rolling program throughout the day.

I enjoyed the dressing of the Knight. This was a demonstration as a man got dressed in full Knight’s armour helped by two footmen who fetched his garments. As he dressed, he talked about every piece of clothing and armour and described what it was for.

In the town centre there was a scary Jester who was trying and failing to get peoples’ attention. Later he was doing what seemed to be more popular in Howard Palmer Gardens where he had a very reasonable appreciative crowd around. There was also some medieval dancing and birds of prey to watch before going to have some lunch.

In the town hall the were various local societies and groups demonstrating skills from the past such as spinning and weaving. This is where I bumped into the Mayor and the Mini Mayor.

In the library there was a lacemaking demonstration to watch and a storyteller that I stopped to listen to.

Back in Howard Palmer Garden I had a refreshing cup of freshly squeezed apple juice from the apple pressing stall.