About Me

I have Cerebral Palsy and I am a full-time wheelchair user, however I believe that this should not stop me getting out and about. I started this blog in 2013 as a way of keeping a record of the things I do. Each week I try to find something which is free or low cost, in the local area, within an hour’s travelling time from my home in Berkshire. I then write a small piece to put on-line. Over the years I have met many people and have made friends in the local community. It has also given me a degree of confidence I didn’t have before I started blogging.

S,o if you like what you see on my blog and would like to find something to do for yourself here are some tips:

  • Visit all of your local museums, especially the smaller ones, as if you are on holiday.
  • Regularly check for special events and exhibitions
  • Sign up to the mailing lists of the places that you visit so that you can be notified of future events
  • I use www.wherecanwego.com and www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk to find out what is on
  • Watch for temporary banners and signs advertising events as you are travelling
  • Listen to local radio for weekend events

Good luck and have fun exploring your local area.